About Us

We are in the business since 2009, pleasing music freaks around the globe with great music and record dealers with nice sales volume. While "Merlins Nose Records" concentrates on Psychedelic Rock, Acid Folk and shamanistic Pagan Folk, we are steadily expanding the musical horizon with several sublabels. Psych, Prog, Punk, Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, ... it's all on our roster!

Upcomming Releases for 2018:
• Chiitra Neogy - The Perfumed Garden (CD/LP, 1968/2018) [on Merlins Nose Rec./ Sitar / Psychedelic Folk]
• VA - Lagerfeuer-Helden Vol. 1: New Weird Bavaria in 15 Akten (CD, 2018) [on Merlins Nose Rec./ Freak Folk/Songwriter]

In Progress:

• Gulaab - Hades Outtakes: Kristall.... (LP, 1979) [on Merlins Nose Rec./Kraut Rock / Folk]
• Vedan Kolod [on Merlins Nose Rec./Pagan Folk] • Jack's Angels - Our Fantasy's Kingdom [on Merlins Nose Rec./Songwriter, Gentle Folk]
• Saddhu Brand - Whole Earth Rhythm (1970) [on Merlins Nose Rec./Acid Folk]
• The Comfortable Chair - s/t (LP, 1968/201?)  [on Merlins Nose Rec./Psych Rock/Pop]
• Susan Duncan-Smith, Cesare De Natale, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Keoma (1976) sound...