Jan 14, 2014

Paths of Prakriti - Axis Mundi (CD, 2011)

Paths of Prakriti - Axis Mundi (CD)
File Under: Folk-Rock / Songwriter / Psych

Sound: http://merlinsnoserecords.bandcamp.com/album/axis-mundi
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Cat.Nr.: MN 1004
Label: Merlins Nose Records
Formats: CD
Price: 9,99 €
Barcode: 2090503546424
Releasedate: 05.09.2011

A wafting, glowing cloud, which glitters multicoloured encases you softly. Inside of that cloud you are floating gently around on the wonderful sounds of PATHS OF PRAKRITI across endless open countrysides and dazzling blue oceans. PATHS OF PRAKRITI are founded in the beginning of the summer 2006 in Trondheim, Norway. Basically AXIS MUNDI is the work of Jon Reier Sylte between 2009 and 2011. Jon has written all the songs, produced and recorded them, and is responsible for most of the vocals and instruments. The instrumentation of as a trio working PATHS OF PRAKRITI varies and depends on the song.The ghost of the 60s is prevalent and the recording technique sounds knowingly as if this album is straight out of that time. Bewitching arranged songs with great attention to detail and ecstasizeing gimmicks which never get lost, but are always placed carefully at the right moments, complete the songs artistically. A lovely positive and refreshing slow-going, partially even salving album, with which it is possible to have a pleasant rest from the daily routine. It is not only an album which is perfect for active listening, where there is so much to discover, but also exciting inspiring. PATHS OF PRAKRITIs AXIS MUNDI is different and in spite of its musically catenations to the past it is extremely up to date. Even more it is an album of which we need many more these days. No artificial, flat and polished songs, but deepness and authenticity represent the focal point. (by Missu for Zygmatron)

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