Jan 15, 2014

In Gowan Ring - The Glinting Spade (1999/'12)

In Gowan Ring - The Glinting Spade (CD/LP)
File Under: Psych Folk / Drone / Songwriter / Neo-Folk

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Cat.Nr.: MN 1007
Label: Merlins Nose Records
Formats: CD / LP (Black) / LP (Col.)
Price: 12,99 € / 22,99 € (Sold Out) / 24,99 € (Sold Out)
Barcode: 2090503760387 / 2090503760394
Releasedate: 15.04.2013

CD: 6-Panel Digisleeve with Goldprinting & booklet!
LP: DELUXE EDITION! Heavy Carton Sleeve, 180g Virgin Vinyl! Black Vinyl edition is limited too 400, the coloured version is limited to 100!

No Overdubs or synthetic sounds were used for this album. 
Everything you’ll hear on this album got recorded with physical vocals and instruments only.
Long time out-of-print and highly demanded album, finally available again 

with new artwork by Kiryk Drewinski and new mastering by Eroc!

 People have visions, grown and evolved in the world within to be transcended into the world outside. IN GOWAN RING is the vision of the American musician Bobin Eirth aka B'ee. It shows a man on his journey, incarnating the music of his soul. B'ee creates a truly vivid organism of sound which becomes outlined more an more during the creative process. Next to the folk traditions of the western world B'ee has studied different music from many cultures to explore all similarities and differences and to make it all become part of his inner vision. His works arise from the depths of his soul. This explains why he just created three albums within the first ten years of his career. The third album „The glinting spade“ was awakened between 1997 and 1999 during a period of complete isolation and the detection of new musical influences with a childlike passion. No big surprise that this music is a rather intimate affair. B'ee's compositions are captured and detained by him and his fellow musicians partly with regular, partly with unique instruments that were created just for those recordings. The spiritual mood of the songs gets driven by enchanting melodies and quite often ends up in rather mystifying kaleidoscopes of sound. B'ee adds fresh inspiration and creativity to the tradition of the great ancestors of psychedelic folk and singer / songwriter of the 60s and 70s just like Donovan, Perry Leopold, Nick Drake or Exuma. It is a blessing for all music lovers that this long out of print record now receives it’s well deserved reissue on vinyl and CD.

Our friend Klemen recently did an interview with B'ee. You can find it here:

Birch Book - B'ee's sideproject - will be featured in the soundtrack of the upcoming otherwordly
documentary "The Fairy Trail". The Trailer can be watched at: www.fairytrail.tumblr.com

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