Jan 15, 2014

Satan's Pilgrims - Psychsploitation (2009/2013)

Aloha Folks! After some months of silence we are back with a terrific LP! All you 60's Garage-Punkers, levitating Psychedelic-Hippies and ultra cool Instro-Surf-Rockers, get ready for the soundtrack of your retro-hut! It's a "Psychsploitation"! It's gonna blow your mind and shake your body!

Satan's Pilgrims ‎- Psychsploitation (LP)
File Under: Garage / Psych / Instro

Sound: https://merlinsnoserecords.bandcamp.com/album/psychsploitation
Buy: http://stores.ebay.de/Surreal-Peppermint-Store/_i.html?_nkw=Psychsploitation&submit=Fi...7916

Cat.Nr.: MN 1008
Label: Merlins Nose Records
Formats: LP (Black) / LP (Col.)
Price: 19,99 € / 21,99 € (Sold Out)
Barcode: 2090503854413 / 2090503854420
Releasedate: 30.08.13

DELUXE REISSUE ON 180G VINYL AND WITH HEAVY SLEEVE! LIMITED TO 400 BLACK COPIES AND 100 BLACK-BLUE SPLATTERED VINYL COPIES! Chapter 24 (Sutra for a Psychedelic Punk-Out): Psychedelic! Surf! Pastiche! Washout! Once the buzzwords of a new tribalism for the more culturally adventurous of the baby boom generation, today such utterances have become somewhat jaundiced. And yet here we are, discussing Psychsploitation, the new album by Satan's Pilgrims, who've unabashedly transformed their signature surf sound into a dialoguefree sequence of mind-altering soundscapes meant to stone you. (That is a recommendation.) Psychsploitation is, of course, knowingly tongue-in-cheek. The kind of in-joke that makes you forget all about such high-minded psychedelic acts as the Grateful Dead and pine for the days of more immediate shit like Davie Allan's theme from The Wild Angels, space-rock records by the Spotniks, Mike Curb's Mary Jane soundtrack, the Rolling Stones' Her Satanic Majesties Request and Ananda Shankar's breakout sitar album from 1969.

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