Jan 15, 2014

The Myrrors - Burning Circles In The Sky (LP, 2008/'14)

Aloha Folks!
Happy 2014! Crawled out your bed already? If not, you surely will do it now, because: We proudly present the first release on "Rewolfed Gloom Records"; THE MYRRORS! Merlins Nose' new sublabel 'Rewolfed Gloom Records' is dedicated to Heavy Psychedelia / Desert Rock / Stoner / Space Rock / Jam / Experimental etc.

The official release date is 01.01.2014 (that's today, hurray!!).
Coloured copies (limited to 100) sold out by preorders two days ago!

Behind the courtain, we are working on tons of great projects! Yet we won't tell you too much about it, but you can expect colourful flashes and exiting sounds! If you enjoy our releases and projects, than don't forget to like our sites on facebook:




The Myrrors - Burning Circles In The Sky (LP)
File Under: Heavy Psych / Desert Rock

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Cat.Nr.: RGR 001 / RGR 001C
Label: Rewolfed Gloom Records
Formats: LP (Black) / LP (Col.)
Price: 17,99 € (Sold Out!)/ 19,99 € (Sold Out!)
Barcode: 2090503930827 / 2090503930834
Releasedate: 01.01.2014

Comes in a 350gsm Gatefold Sleeve and on 180g vinyl! The desert lives and within it a few wild creatures, some of them are rock-musicians if it happens to work out geographically just as it does with the Phoenix / Arizona based outfit THE MYRRORS. And the desert with it's supernatural, magical atmosphere was a huge influence on the four teenagers along with all kinds of psychedelic rock, Arabian, Latin American, Turkish and Indian folk music and mind bending free-jazz. And therefore the music sounds like a journey into the deep solitude of the desert in peace with oneself but still boiling and simmering hot, engrossedly floating fraught with visions and ghostly hallucinations from a strange world., even sometimes like taking a stroll in the garden of Eden. The stereoscopic, vivid and sometimes washy sound brings a trance like mood. Desert sounds like a cricket's chirring and spiritual chants, as to be found in the long track „Mother of all living“ intensify the hypnotic effect further on. The band was formed by high school friends in 2005 recorded it's only album in 2008 with rather elementary equipment and prepared the privately released Cdr in manual labour not long before falling apart due to the usual reasons such as work and studies. The incredible success of their peace anthem „War paintings“ as Youtube clip came after the break and posthumously brought the band well deserved publicity and appreciation, what conserves their music for all fans of psychedelic desert rock and smoothes the way for a reissue in an adequate sound carrier format.

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